santa’s dead.

i felt slightly bad for the man at Lowe’s that asked Abigail (4 yr old), “what is Santa going to bring you this year?”

her reply: “Santa’s dead.”

his mouth dropped open, his knees weakened and he was speechless while tilting his head back and forth between her & i. i think he wished for an explanation, but could not utter a sound.

i was not prepared for her blunt delivery either.


she continued… “St. Nicholas started the tradition of giving presents to children that did not have any. and did you know that some people go without food? we give food and money to them too.”

grasping for words, the Lowe’s employee asked what she did on Christmas instead of open gifts from Santa?

“we bake a cake for Jesus and sing Happy Birthday.” & then she busts into tune…


this girl. oh. she melts my heart — and shocks the core.

i will not only let her spread her wings & fly…. i will encourage it.


i tell my children the truth. about everything. i often have to think through my response to ensure it’s age appropriate; often times forgetting they are only 6 & 4. for even one lie to these sweet, innocent, perfectly human, God-breathed children is enough for them to find cause to not trust anything i say.

i was once told, “by not allowing your children the magic of Santa, the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny… you are taking away the magic of being a child.  you’re stripping them of imagination.”

let me just say, you can come at me with any reason, excuse, or comment… but i’m not changing my mind. and good luck changing theirs.


there is no shortness of imagination around here. there is no limit to their make believe. they are innately creative. they are steadfast in what they believe, they do not shy away from speaking the truth and i will never teach them something that is not real… because with every fiber in their body they will trust me and i would hate for the day to arrive that they question me on my teachings and i would have to admit lying to them.

for Christmas, i focus on celebrating Jesus’ birth, coming to earth as a babe and living, breathing, teaching and walking among us. He is in our hearts and changing the way people think every time they ask my children, “What is Santa bring you for Christmas this year?” — I will not hold my breath, I will simply stand by while they deliver the jaw-dropping news that St. Nicholas is dead.

now to decide what kind of cake to make this year for Christmas breakfast…


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I'm a Christian, married to Lenny, the Gluten Free Dad and raising our 3 kids together on the east coast while enjoying the sun, ocean breezes + cupcakes.

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  1. I am not at all surprised that a child of yours would have so much conviction and confidence! I admire your stance on these issues. How amazing your children are being raised to only focus on the glory of this celebration and not the commercialization of it. Hope you have a blessed and wonderful Christmas friend!

    • i adore your kind words… thank you! i am trying my best to raise them to know Jesus, to breathe His truths, to honor His word and to speak boldly. thank you for always encouraging me!!

  2. God Bless and Keep you and yours, Aimee! Love your heart for Jesus, my sweet friend. Christmas blessings… xo Heidi

  3. Love it! She is such an awesome kid. Forwarding it to The Mister.

  4. Sarah Malcangi says

    Oh my goodness you are my Sister!! Thank you so much for sharing. We also bake a cake for Jesus on Christmas and don’t do the whole Santa thing. People look at me like I’m abusing my child when they find out we actually celebrate the REAL reason for the season.

    Standing up for the truth takes boldness. You are an AWESOME Mom!
    Merry Christmas 🙂

    • HA! yes, i get the same. often. oi. so, i guess we will not shy away as mama’s if our children aren’t shying away. speakly boldly… gosh, i wonder where she learned that from!

      Merry Christmas to you too friend. i adore you sweet sister of mine.

  5. I love it! To each his own, and I think their journey with you as a mother will keep them as imaginative as they want to be and as grounded as they need to be.