twine + clothespins + artwork = proud kids

these are creative kids. your kids are creative kids.
they have so many ideas: to paint, to create, to draw, to design.
craft time happens almost daily.
// the craft cabinet is full of styrofoam sheets, blank paper, markers, paints, crayons, googly eyes, scissors, glue & tape. LOTS of tape.

our fridge is not big enough to hold 1 day’s worth of art from 2 creative kids.

ENTER a SUPER cheap solution: twine, clothespins, a few nails


// three pieces of twine, tied in a simple knot, hooked onto small nails. proudly displaying art.

// extra clothespins sit out at kid-level. they can hang up, take down, move around.


of course, we couldn’t stop at just hanging the kids art – Abigail needed a little bit more help with singing the alphabet in it’s entirety! 😉

<<which took less than 2 days to accomplish since Jack sang the alphabet what seemed like THOUSANDS of times a day>>

so, we unpacked a box of alphabet cards & hung those up too…


// we adore these sweet little cards adding splashes of color to our winter white walls.




// the whole shebang {aka: corner of our playroom}


//ART CREDIT: to our sweet kids.



// i linked up at Flamingo Toes Think Pink Sunday!

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  1. Amanda Allen says

    Loveeee this! I am planning to do something similar to this in our family room/office/playroom combo haha… what kind of twine did you use? baker’s twine or something more sturdy?

    • we love it too — every few weeks we strip the grid and load it up again! we save our favorites in a file for later! 🙂 we use baker’s twine but mine is really thick – i bought it from a PickYourPlum deal several months ago!

  2. I love the alphabet “clothesline”, what a beautiful room!

  3. aimee, this is so cute! i have really old alphabet cards that i wanted to hang in marshall’s room but never got around to it. i think both your kids are at the perfect age for this project! as always, great photos, lighting, everything. also….kinda super proud of you guys for beginning this venture together. makes my heart happy!

    • THANK YOU for stopping by sweet friend! the kids still love the cards and they have definitely become a part of the playroom’s decor now! i might never taken them down!! 🙂

  4. WOW- gorgeous photos, gorgeous artwork! I NEED to do more of this with Brayden, but I lack so MUCH creativity! 🙂

  5. STUNNING photos.

  6. We have an art clothesline in our play room and it’s my favorite! It makes the room so cheerful and colorful and gives it so much character. Of course, those are all just added bonuses to being able to see the handiwork of my babies. 🙂

  7. Marvelous! I have this in my preschool classroom and the kiddos l-o-v-e it!

    Best wishes on this new adventure the two of you are taking on! I look forward to following along.
    xo Heidi


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