it’s merry.

last year i wrote a post called Santa’s Dead… a little chit chat between my daughter and a Lowe’s employee and Abigail’s bold, beautiful delivery of the true reason for the season.

this year the children have continued to ask questions about Jesus and coming to earth to save our sins. celebrating His birth.


they ask lots & lots of questions about all the things their teachers tell them at school…

that Santa visited their teachers homes and ate all the cookies… that Santa left Reindeer bells in the front yard…  that Santa is alive and well… and that Santa lives in the North Pole with all of his elves.

oh yeah… AND  Santa even called my kids classrooms and told all the students to be good in order to get the gifts they’ve asked for.


how do i gently tell my sweet-innocent-seeking-answer children that their teachers are lying to them?

& still maintain that their teachers are somehow trustworthy?




this evening we head to my parents home for our traditional Mexican Christmas Eve dinner. the kids have their flashlights, camera, sleeping bags and pillows packed. this was all their idea… so i love it even more.

they are staking out the Christmas tree tonight to prove that Santa is not real. they intend to document their evening and be prepared to proclaim truth when they go back to school.


merry christmas… & have a lovely new year.



Santa’s Dead

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  1. It is just a cultural tradition, nothing more. It is imagination and make believe. It is merriment. I totally understand though. The elf on the shelf drives me nuts. Whatever happened to the simple advent calendar?