raising kids

NY: country style

fresh picked tomatoes for dinner. thunderstorms full of lightening & tremendous buckets of rain dropping instantly. collecting blackberries for homemade tarts. biting deep into sun ripened cucumbers. wide open roads. line-dried vintage sheets. golden hair shimmering in the sun while determining what shape the clouds hold. playful fun & memories created on the green grass…

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her legs have grown so long. she glows. her words dance at the tip of her tongue. full of stories & questions & commentary. his smile radiates with a small dimple carved out of his left cheek. kissable with each eye catch. he giggles & loves. plays frisbee & kicks a ball with such poignant…

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your daughter is beautiful. make her believe it.

i want her to know. to always know how beautiful she is. i want her to believe it when someone tells her. i want her to feel beautiful even when no one says it. this sweet girl is darling, amazing, interesting, determined, bold, confident… you should see her walk into a room with her cowgirl…

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learning to say “yes!”

i don’t say “yes” when it interferes with a schedule. i don’t say “yes” when it causes conflict. i don’t say “yes” when i assume the result will not be happy-happy-joy-joy. i don’t say “yes” when something requires my attention. i don’t say “yes” when it means we’ll be late. i don’t say “yes” when…

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