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thank you for visiting.
Jesus saved my soul… my testimony is being written for His glory.

Jack & Abigail are my sweet littles.


a few notes:

• we moved to the coastline of NC in a small beach city where we enjoy the coastal breezes, incredible sunrises and a quiet, peaceful home to raise my two incredible children.

• i am gluten free, lactose free and choose to create meals from healthy, whole fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries and local, free-range, antibiotic-free meats.

• i have been chronically ill for years… carrying symptoms that seems senseless and unreasonable. as i have gone on this journey to healing i have uncovered a variety of interesting facts that have caused my body to resent me.

• in the past 4 years i have sat in a courtroom 18 times. i have encountered the best and the worst of the judicial system and watched the effects it has had on my children, the hurt that i carry, the loss of understanding that my mind cannot comprehend and the heartache that follows an 11 year marriage full of ugly memories and deceit.

• God is good. He is good all the time.

• i’ve been self-employed for almost 10 years. i am a self-taught designer, was once a developer (i’ve learned to leave that code stuff to the true professionals!) and i’m full of inspired, entrepreneurial ideas that surface at a refreshing pace.

• we spend our summers in western NY where we play at the little beach at nana & papa’s lake cottage, watch sunsets, look for hot air balloons, go on wilderness hikes, camping around the state and bowls of sherbert after dinner… long summer days taking in the moments with my two!


i love…

•  dresses with pockets & cowboy boots
•  summer thunderstorms, heat lightening & snowdays
•  driving a sports engine on curvy country roads
•  capturing moments from the lens of my Nikon d7000
•  to give thanks. for without Him, i am just a shadow.


you can also find me here:

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thank you for joining my sweet adventure.