20 Mom and Son Date Ideas

i am reminded daily how quickly these sweet children of mine are growing up.

these ideas will create some fantastic memories. so grab a few ideas and spend some time

with your son.

my firstborn & son Jack is the sweetest, most generous, most caring, most creative & the smartest boy i know {i am partial, for sure!}. his smile lights up a room, his love for others is inspiring, his sharing attitude is contagious. i just love spending quality time with him. here’s a list of 20 things we love to do together and hopefully they offer some fresh ideas for you too!

20 mom and son date ideas

1 / get outside. my son loves digging, picking leaves, collecting rocks & digging dirt.

2 / go on an exploration. we always take a bag to collect garbage + another bag for collecting cool finds. walking around the neighborhood or around a local park always makes for interesting conversation.

3 / go to barnes & nobles. sometimes for the books but mostly to play at the wicked cool train table set up in the children’s section.

4 / story time at the library. the women at our library are amazing storytellers.

5 /Β throw rocks into water.Β living close to the beach, this is a regular activity for us.


6 / share a slurpie. yes, at 7-11. this is the only time i will advocate entering a 7-11!! this is perhaps my son’s favorite drink. & it’s special because we rarely buy one. makes mouths happy.

7 /enjoy a baseball game. find a local minor league, or if you’re lucky you might live close to a major league park.

8 / putt-putt golfing. now that jack is 5, this makes for an hour-long fun event.

9 / bake cookies. he has his own stool, knows how to crack eggs (& how to use the cracked shell to scoop out the small shell pieces!) we love spending time in the kitchen together!


10 / DIY project. this boy loves nothing more than pulling out our art supplies & making something. he is so creative.

11 /dinner date. there’s something about sitting at the counter of a diner with your son. ordering a burger & fries & sharing an over-sized milkshake {sometimes we just hit chick-fil-a!}

12 /fly a kite. we love sitting together and chatting while our kite’s mingle in the sky (especially easy if you live close to the beach!)

13 /kids building workshop at Lowe’s or Home Depot. perhaps the best way to spend a Saturday morning.

14 /floor time – build with legos or blocks.

15 / a day at the zoo or aquarium. give him the map & let him lead. he always has a list of animals or events he wants to see. empowers them with independence & decision-making.

16 / go canoeing or fishing. spending time near water is always exciting.

17 / plant a garden. we have sets of shovels & rakes so he can help dig holes and plant seeds… & he LOVES watching the plants grow.

18 / build a puzzle. jack loves puzzles and sometimes we get out the really big Disney puzzles and help each other separate, organize and build the puzzle. great bonding time!

19 /take a horse ride. find a local equestrian center. ours offers accompanied rides for young children.

20 / go to a game.Β  support a local minor or major league team, a semi-pro or professional team. grab a box of peanuts, an over-sized foam finger and enjoy being spectators.



do you have some ideas to add to this list? we’re always looking for new things to do together!!


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  1. especially liked the Sabres game

  2. Wow, I’m new to pinterest and just saw this and !I’m filled with happy goose bumps! Just a lovely article. My gift from God is now 15 and it was great looking through your list and some of the comments to see “us” as I recalled some of our fun times together through the years. One thing Phillip and I like to do is just ride. Just get in the car and go. The trips are to what ever we find on the way. We might see an art store, a neighborhood carnival, a fruit stand or just talk the day away. And we always try some new food place or grab a bag of snacks and a drink to munch while we ride. It is truly one of our favorite things to do because it is the ultimate mommy and me experience that no one else shares but us. I’m also happy to add that while not as often, it has transferred well into teenage years. Thanks for this post!

  3. Build-a-Bear is one of our favorite mommy/son activities!

  4. Little guys love to collect bugs!! I had so much fun with my Grandsons using an inexpensive bug holder to hold all their findings! But you can also make one from a plastic carton by punching holes in it for oxygen. They love to pick up leaves and see what is under them, especially worms! And they love to catch moths too using a net of some kind. The elephant butterfly blowing machine nets works great for this! They love to collect leaves in the Fall and then I dry them between book pages and later they use them to make Birthday or Thanksgiving cards! Painting is another love of theirs. I bought an easel with the paper roll on top (well worth the cost! Refills from Walgreen’s!) they have been using it for years. My Granddaughter used the chaulk board on the other side to pretend teacher! Then my son used it to draw soccer plays to his team! An easel can be used for so many things!

  5. Those are all great mom and child date ideas but I don’t see that they should be specific to boys. Girls too like adventure and getting dirty and creative. Great blog,

  6. 21. build things out of popsicle stick or Lincoln logs
    22. cut the largest panels out of larger cardboard boxes and duct tape them together to form a human maze throughout the house(we had a small house, but this could be done using 2 or 3 rooms)
    23. using couches and blankets our dad made forts with us and we removed breakables or protected them and through the nerf sponge balls or used paper towel rolls as blowguns
    24.line strips of tape on the floor and race each other on hands and knees(an alternative pushing empty water bottles with your noses or chins)
    25. set up paper dots(of varying diameters) and play like its a mine field(helps with foot dexterity)
    26. Mom and dad used to set the kids table with colored squares of paper and origami books… we had folded paper animals and folded hats and jackets all over the house which we splatter spray painted the next nite by putting in small trash can liners and shaking while dad sprayed spray paint into the bag

  7. Just found this today. Some great ideas. I have a 14 year old son and for several years we had a “junk food/movie” night at Christmas- just the two of us-watch a Christmas movie that he picked out and eat popcorn/cookies, and I make what we call “Grinch juice” which is nothing more than the ginger ale/pineapple juice/green sherbert punch. Last year our Chick-fil-A had a mother/son night and we enjoyed dinner and some games there. Just this past week he was out for snow and we went bowling just the two of us. I loved your idea of fishing as my son absolutely loves to do this in warm weather so that’s another one for me to try with him. Thank you so much.

  8. I have 2 sons and every year before school starts I would take only one son at a time shopping for school clothes. We would spend the day together shopping for school clothes & supplies and take in a movie & lunch of their choice. Sometimes we would just shop for shoes but the movie & lunch was a must. Some school clothes I would get earlier when I catch a good sale. Then in the next week or two I would take our other son for our day out. Even after the boys were out of school we did a Mom & Son day out. This summer I spent the day with my youngest son (age31) and my husband spent the day with our daughter-in-law & 2 grandsons. Next month doing the same with older son (age39) & family.

  9. If you live near an airport, it’s fun watching the planes take off and land. We live in Ft. Lauderdale and are close to one big and one small airport. BOTH of them have viewing areas near the end of the runway where you can park and watch the planes come in. We pack a lunch and have a picnic in the back of our SUV! Good way to kill an hour or so.

  10. This post really made stop and think…my son is now 15 and although I did spend alone time with him, I feel like I could/should have done much more!! I find I’m doing it more now that he is older, I take him to the coffee shop etc. it is our time when he really opens up and talks. For those with young children don’t let the time slip by. It is so easy for us to think we don’t have time, but really 10 min to an adult is much longer to a child!! One thing we did when my children were smaller was read together. Our all time favourite author was Kate DiCamillo. Our most enjoyed book by her was The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. A MUST read!!!

  11. Cindy Roberts says

    Beautiful article Aimee, I wish I could go back and spend those precious moments with my boys. God Bless you!

  12. Lucy Johnston says

    Thanks for sharing your list of great ideas. My son is in his 40’s now! I want to do all of these fun things with him still. His daughter loves Karaoke on Friday nights with her friend so I take her with me. One of these days my son will go with us, he has a lovely deep voice now and enjoys music. Wish I had done the Karaoke with him at a young age. My Grand daughter is not shy and has quite a sence of humor. Boys and girls love picking out the music that appeals to them.

    • Lucy, That is just so wonderful. Thank you for sharing. I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to enjoy some rounds of karaoke! sounds fun!

  13. hello everyone i’m a mom of 5 and my son loves it when we spend time playing with cars on the floor and drawing pictures of what we saw that day. he even loves it more when we make a book of just all about him. keep in mind he’s about 8 years old.

  14. Stephanie Smith says

    This post is awesome. I a new a this mom thing and am loving it. My son is 14 months old. I can’t wait to be able to do these things with my Andrew. These dates our nightly dates consist of wagon rides around the neighborhood before bathtime. He loves it.

    Thanks again for the great ideas.


  15. I am taking my son who is 8 years old on a date tonight and I was just trying to find a few ideas and this really made me get sentimental. We are implementing “special time” individually with our two oldest boys since their younger, 2 year old, extremely active and curious sister seems to have most of my husband and my attention these days. I remembered my mom and I had a date night every Thursday and even as a angst teenager I still really enjoyed these special moments without my needy sister stealing them away. Date nights with a parent regardless of age and gender should never be underestimated they bring lifelong shared bonds. I remember doing some of these things with my mom. Thanks!!!

    • ah yes, little sisters. my son has one of those and that makes that special individual time that much more important so he can get my undivided attention without the interruption! enjoy those kids of yours — you’re doing a great job!

  16. Jeanelle says

    I all so have a 5 yr old son Jack who is just like your Jack. He loves to make story books with his drawings and staple them together. They are so cute and cuddly at this age. I am enjoying mine just as much as you are enjoying yours. Cherish it while you can.

    • LOVE that name! πŸ™‚ cute book idea. our story books consist of spider webs and bad guys getting put in jail by superheros. i love this age!!

  17. I love your list. My son is 9 and he still looks forward to our Mommy/Dommy (his name is Dominic) Time. We had a date tonight as a matter of fact and now that he’s older, I let him carry the money for our date in his wallet. It made him feel like “the man”. Ha ha ha. But it also prepares him for when he truly starts to date. He even opens my door, helps me up and down steps, and pulls my chair. Anyway, great post!

    • i LOVE that tip! boys & their wallets… & how it empowers them! since my son was 3 he’s had a wallet that often just sits on his dresser to collect change he finds around the house or while out! but sometimes we grab his birthday money, place in his wallet and off to the store to buy a few special items. i love the pride he has! i’ll definitely be trying this for date night!!

  18. lvv2bmom says

    My boys & I love to go hiking together! During the summer, we pick a new place every week.

    • we too love a good hike!! we’re always looking for new places to take their wet/dry hiking shoes!! πŸ™‚

  19. So inspiring. Its always the simple things!!!

  20. I have two boys, 6 and 14.. One thing we try to do a couple times a summer is go to the drive-in movies. We take our own snacks and sometimes sit outside the car wrapped in blankets. Very affordable for our family. Double feature and the little one is asleep when we get home:-)

    • ahh yes – the drive-in! i love it. we’ll be visiting home this summer with a drive-in nearby and i think both kids are finally old enough to handle at least the first movie! πŸ™‚ good idea!!

  21. Thanks for sharing this list. I have 2 sons, 3 y/o and 1 y/o, and this seems like a wonderful list that I will be “pinning”. Many of these things we already do with our 3 y/o, and he loves, but there are a few ideas on here I will have to introduce. I think I will switch the slurpee for a chocolate or vanilla milk date (those are special treats), though :).

    • yes, milkshakes are wonderful treats — especially sitting at the bar of a small diner.. with a cherry on top!! enjoy!!

  22. My favorite mother & son date is picking strawberries together. We end up eating as many as we pick, dirt and all!! We go to an organic field so there’s no worry of pesticides. That also means we always get to witness all manner of ladybugs and frogs while we are there. I love sharing this with him even more because my mom took me as a young girl. Some of my favorite memories happened in that same berry patch!!!!

  23. I found you on Pinterest and thought to send
    your post to my daughter.. she has 4 small boys
    and homeschools also.. she is always looking
    for new ideas…. very nice article!

  24. I used to pack a lunch for my son and myself. We would go to a local historical site. In are area we have the horseshoe curve. It’s a famous section of railroad that was built in central PA. If your son loves trains and being outside. It was a great place to go. There were tables up there and u could watch the trains and feel the vibration of the diesel motors. I would always look for a new historical place around are area. I think children should know local history. We had such fun days! Sometimes in the spring, u know if u live in the northeast when winter broke and the sun warned the day! YES I would let him skip school and had are own field trip! I know bad mom! I called it are spring break. My son is grown up now and these are some great memories for us both!
    Even now sometimes we go and visit old spots! I’m sure some day when my son has a child, it may be a daddy date. I can’t believe how fast they really grow up! He will be 27 in June. Sigh!

    • not a bad mom moment in there — creating adventure and stories and memories.. is the BEST thing we can do for our children; i applaud you for making that decision… because we do it too! πŸ˜‰ thanks for sharing — excellent idea!

  25. I like these ideas and want to add one more that I experienced just recently with my 8 year old son. Playing games. He loves playing board games or cards. I just taught him how to play GIN and he is pretty good. We played ALOT on spring break. Just him and me time. It was great to have that bonding time with him.

  26. Invention center! We save a lot our recycled containers, small boxes (cereal, oatmeal, Kleenex, etc.) yogurt cups, straws, chopsticks, and anything else that can be used to build imaginary new inventions such as binoculars (toilet paper rolls and masking tape), spaceships, tanks, boats, etc,. Their imagination and inventiveness at that age is amazing and you will be seeing your recyclables in a whole new light!

  27. I love all of your “Date” ideas. I definitely miss my son being at that age. He’s now 12 and its very difficult to find common ground. He’s not much of an outdoors kinda kid….he’s “techy”. Hopefully we’ll come up with a good date idea. They grow up so fast. πŸ™
    Thanks for sharing. – Chantele.

  28. Thank you for sharing these ideas. It’s always good to remind yourself to take advantage of those simple but special moments.

  29. Aimee,
    I absolutely LOVED 20 mom and son date ideas! I have 6 children and Love ALL of them for there uniqueness! I have 3 of each, 5 of them are teenagers and I have a 21 month old! So this was a great reminder of all the little cool things I used to do when they were little and i am so looking forward to doing them ALL AGAIN! I am truly blessed that my older boys 13&17 still enjoy the one on one with me whether its in the kitchen cookies or out to dinner one on one!
    I also LOVE the fact that you have NO ISSUE showing that you ARE A CHRISTIAN! I LOVE that passage!
    God Bless to you and your family and again, THANK YOU for the rushing memories!!

  30. Tina Licari says

    Some times on a rainy day when I need to get them out of the house I take them to the middle of the mall where there are a bunch of quarter rides. I bring a bag of quarters and they ride the rides and merry go round for about 30 to 45 minutes and then we’ll get a slice of pizza. Or I’ll take them to an indoor playground where there is a huge maze/jungle gym and huge blow up castels we can play in. I climb the maze with them and roll around the bounce houses with them. They love it. In the summer time we are out side all day long. My oldest son loves to find bugs, rocks and sea shells, and my other one just loves getting dirty. When in doubt, the library never lets us down!

    • you momma, amaze me. i basically have taught the kids that we DON’T ride those machines… i believe you have just made a huge shift for me.. especially now that they are older and transition MUCH easier! thank you for sharing.

  31. Play in the rain! Camp out in the back yard! Tickle fights sword fights jumping contests…
    I love your list! My son and I do most of those things too. Thanks!

  32. Hi~your soo useful thank you,

    I wasent bless with eny children yet but i will use this

    • thank you maddy!! wise stuff in here — took me awhile to learn and excited to share what i do know!

  33. Aimee weiss says

    I found this link on pinterest and i have to say you warmed my heart…my sons are 16 & 22 now but i am so thankful for all those mom n son times, many of which were on your list…our next date is hopefully in may to peace river fl for camping and canoeing…camping is definitely one i would add to your list, even if it’s in the backyard or a bedroom fort πŸ™‚ thx for sharing your heart

    • i love the spelling of your name! πŸ˜‰ and thank you for stopping by! your next date with your boys sounds wonderful. we do camping inside mostly or with my parents + their camper. our son is not fond of sleeping in a tent in the woods; but we do s’mores & cookouts & stargazing!!

  34. Great list! I have 2 sons and work more than I should. Since I had the second baby a year ago it seems I rarely have one-on-one time with either of them. Your ideas give me inspiration and fun things to start doing! Thank you πŸ™‚

  35. My mom would save the heels of bread in the freezer B/c none of us would eat them. When we got a bag full we would pack a lunch and go to the river and feed the ducks. It is now one of my son’s favorite things today. He also love’s his “adventure walks” He started these one day when we were on a walk and I feel in love with the idea and have continued them with him. We go for a normal walk around our neighborhood and we imagine we are somewhere else; on a train ride, a safari, or a space ship where ever he wants to go. He is completely in control. I just walk with him and follow his lead I ask open ended questions to keep is imagination going. It amazes me how many facts he knows about the different adventures.

  36. I just wanted to recommend the Encyclopedia Brown series of books as ones to read to young boys. Even though I’m a girl….I love mysteries, even when I was young and enjoyed reading those. Don’t forget How to Eat Fried Worms either…such a classic boy book.

    Thanks for the terrific post – I found it on pinterest!

  37. We had a movie date his choice then we hit the arcade and in the summer we go to our favorite restaurant then off to the pool. We are pooped when we get home (nap time).

  38. Archery!

  39. Hi love your ideas ! My boys are 9 & almost 5 and we just had a dinner and Disney on Ice date we all had soo much fun. To see their faces when the Disney characters came out it was priceless and I will never forget their smiles.

  40. Hey! New follower here! LOVE LOVE LOVE this. I have two boys – and will keep this in mind!!!

  41. Made me smile…
    So true how they grow up so fast!
    Just had a soup and ice cream date with my 7y son, it was so refueling!

  42. My husband & I have three boys, the third one is 15 last one at home. They all have been in Boy Scouts sense Tiger Cubs so there are a lot of mommy & son time! We have camped and earned badges! You have brought back wonderful memories of when the boys where young.

  43. I love you site. I find it very hard to spend 1-1 time with my 6 yr old. Fear I’m losing him. Have 2 others (4&1) and a busy working dad and I just struggle to get just S time. I miss him from when he was younger And he’s growing in front of my eyes. He is an August 6, and tall too. Thanks for inspiring me. Shame I have no beaches near me! X

  44. Wonderful post! My son is very musical so I take him to the music store so he can jam out on different instruments He’s played everything from an accordion to violas. He’s become a regular there so every now and then the guys who work there will plug in an amp and let my son blare out some tunes on the guitars. Now my son takes guitar lessons there. By the way, we LOVE Barnes and Noble too!

  45. Great ideas! Thanks for sharing, you are one awesome mommy and your son is a blessed boy! πŸ™‚

  46. Thanks for posting this. I saw it on Pinterest and am gathering ideas for how to raise my son. He’s only 7 months now but I am a strong believer in raising a Godly man and I think a lot of that pertains to spending quality time with him. Society is struggling and my hope for my son is for him to follow Christ and be an example to the world of how to live with faith, respect and morals. It sounds so simple but I really do think that dates like this will really help that. Thanks. Blessings on you and your family!

  47. Thank you for this great list! My son Benjamin is 3 and I absolutely adore our “Mommy & Me” time. We go out to breakfast twice a month before school/work. His pick (usually Friendly’s or Panera) and we chat about the upcoming weekend and things he’s doing in school. He also loves to bake with me and has his own whisk and rolling pin! I love being his Mommy and feel blessed to have such a wonderful son πŸ™‚

  48. A great date that my son Gideon and I go on is to the arcade and try to get as many prize tickets as possible. Last time we went we ended up getting enough tickets for both of us to get some silly 80’s style raybans with mustaches attached and we wore them all the way home. It was funny watching him catch all the other drivers smiling at us

  49. I clicked over on this from Pinterest because my son will be graduating high school in a few months and I’m trying to be more intentional about our time together. I love this list because of how it can be used at almost any age. Thanks for sharing.

  50. Brittmanhart says

    So awesome; I cried, took notes and got my son up from a nap to explore

  51. What a great way to collect memories for the kids. He will love them when he gets older. My older son just went through old pix with me and we had the best time.
    Glad you shared this.

    • thank you Elke… we hope so!! our hope is that we are growing our children, impressing them and giving them amazing memories someday!! so glad you stopped by!

  52. Hi Aimee, great list! It’s school holiday (summer) here in Australia and we (5 yr old son, and 4 yr old son) wrote a list to do during the holidays. Half way through the holidays and we are half way there! One of the things on our list is putt putt and we hope to get that done (I think you call it mini golf…). Thanks for posting this… I stumbled in through pinterest! πŸ™‚

    • yes, we call it putt putt golf here too {but I’m from Western NY, so, more there then here in California!!}. such a great idea too — the kids love playing games + that’s a good one for all of us to enjoy!!

  53. Krista smith says

    Laser tag!! Movies, paintball(if you’re brave) roller skating πŸ™‚

    • GOOD ideas!!!! we were actually just talking about roller skating this past weekend!!

      • Krista smith says

        We just went last week πŸ™‚ I have 4 kids and we all went …love it, my oldest is 11, and he’s impressed momma can skate better than him <3

  54. Collect seashells to make picture frames
    Find a pottery place to paint or create your own

    • we collect seashells — and now to put them to use!!! we have seen a pottery studio around have have never been — great idea! so glad you shared!

  55. We often go to the movies then out to eat and in the summer we go eat then off to the pool

  56. Lisa Arnold says

    Hi all! I am a new mother after many years lol. I am 45 and have a 1 year old son.
    My older children are girls and I have only sisters so I am so new to the boy thing. πŸ™‚
    I love this blog! Any suggestions for a craft box for boys?? Thank you!

  57. for kids who can read… make a list for a photo hunt and give them a digital camera to go around the yard and take a pic of everything you wrote down. then of course you check the camera with the list πŸ™‚
    my boys always loved when I set up and “obstacle course” or “olympics”.

    • what a great idea. my kids can definitely do this! we bought jack a small digital camera for Christmas to encourage his love of photography… i may have to get a list together for tomorrow. they’ll have a great time capturing stuff around the house & yard!

  58. One other thought. Since we live near Disney World we do go out there quite a bit. BUT, honestly one of the things he likes to do as much as any of the rides, are the tram/bus rides. When he was smaller, I was able to find a local bus route that would pick us up and drop us back off within a two hour window. We just got on the bus and drove around town. The swan boats at our local lake are a lot of fun as well.

    • Frankie, we love near Orlando also and LOVE doing the swan boats at lake eola! We also have disney passes and try to take advantage of them as often as we can! Our little guy’s favorite is animal kingdom at the dinosaur dig! We also love the Orlando science center, they often do specials and free days as well!
      Aimee, love your blog thank you so much for sharing! With my second little man on the way I can’t wait to take advantage of all the fun things boys get into especially when it’s double the trouble!

  59. Aimee, thank you so much for sharing. My son, and only child, just turned 8. Since he was 5 I have tried taking him on a trip, via Amtrak, at least once a year. We have made it to North Carolina and in 2010, while I was on a business trip in Seattle, we took the train from Seattle to Glacier National Park in Montana! We were able to spend the night on the train both times. It was wonderful. Our next trip is this summer from Austin Texas to Chicago!

    Closer to home, one of the things he really loves to do is hiking. We have a lot of small, one or two mile trails around our home. We pack a lunch and our swim suits and hit the trails. Nice way for Mom to get her exercise and burn a little energy.

    • that sounds incredible!! we have a coaster our here that goes from north to south of the county along the coastline — sounds like i need to take Jack on a trip!! he will love it, i’m sure.

      i’m so glad you stopped by – you have inspired me!!

  60. It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day busyness of life and forget about ideas like this. Thanks!!

    • it’s true — that happens to me all the time. we get into the flow of what has to be done and not the fun things about childhood. this list is a constant reminder for me!

  61. Love this reminder of the short time that you have with your children. Maddox is my heart – age 6.
    Ideas to do: Goodwill Grabs – 50cent puzzle / book to do together. Journaling together “Great Things/ Grateful Things” .. naming smalll and big things that you appreciate ( get them started). “PICK IT” — he picks 1 thing to do – then you pick 1 thing – (helps him learn to play fairly with others) – -We also love playing dominoes/cards — teach your kiddo how to play chicken foot / or mexican train … sad how kids do not know how to play these .. or easy card games.

    • great great ideas!!! we have 15 minutes each day on our way to school to share our thanksgivings and to pray for them — LOVE the idea to journal them! we too love card games.. although it’s mostly go fish or the early stages of rummy but we LOVE a good board game in this house!! so glad you stopped by!

  62. Tonya Neeley says

    As you do these things together, teach him to open the door for you. Hold your chair for you. Things that a gentleman would do for a lady. This helps prepare them for when they start dating and we won’t loose that generation of gentleman.

  63. Hi! Found this on Pinterest. I’ve also seen the one with girls. I have a daughter who’s 10 and two boys, 7 and 1. Ever since my daughter was three, we’ve tried to have “Girl Time”. This way, she wasn’t feeling like everything revolved around her new brother (not that it bothered her-she loves mothering babies). When my son was old enough, we started to alo have “Mommy-Troy Day”. They love one on one time with Mom, even if it’s just lunch out together then errands. Since my youngest came along, it’s been harder to make the time. Thank you for the reminder of how much fun we had! I think a trip to the zoo may be in store in the near future.

    • i hope you get to the zoo… it encouraged me! we’ll be heading to the aquarium this week and the zoo the next. they are both so close and decently priced with our military discount… why not go?! thank you for stopping by & sharing!!

  64. Great list! You can tell you are an involved, proud parent πŸ™‚ A few more great ideas (especially with younger boys- my little man is almost two) are doing a science project together, building a fort, filling a photo album of silly pictures of each other, singing/dancing around the house, just walking around the mall, and making music with kitchen items. Thank you for sharing so many wonderful ideas! I’m always looking for different ways for my little man and I to spend time together πŸ™‚

  65. Latoya Merriex says

    This is so awesome! I’m the mother of two of the greatest little dudes in the world. I’m a natural athlete and since sports comes natural to my husband and my family, we play sports. I throw the football with my little men, we play basketball, video games (which I suck at, lol), and we even have movie dates. I so enjoy the time I share with them.

    • as an athlete all through school i have to admit our son is more like my husband! πŸ˜‰ so we throw a baseball, play tackle “football”, fly kites & search for bugs. i love playing to his strength’s but hope he grows into stronger eye/hand coordination! πŸ™‚

  66. Janet Clark says

    I am the mother of an almost 30 year old son. As I read each of your comments, I sat and smiled as the memories flooded my brain of times gone by. Let me share this one thing with you: As wonderful as it
    is with your son — just wait until you become a grandmother to his son!!! Words can never express the
    happiness that you get the second time around!! Be good mothers my friends. You will never regret
    any time spent with those little boys — and they will become incredible men…and fathers!
    Merry Christmas to you All.

    • thank you Janet; such wisdom. my mom LOVES spending time with our sweet kids; her only grandkids! i hope to continue to connect with our kids daily so they will grow & develop into good parents someday. excellent advice; so glad you stopped by & shared!

  67. Many of these ideas are still great for my now 18 year old. Thanks for the reminder!

    • 18.. we were just chatting about that the other day — in 13 more years i’ll be right there with you; i hear it happens in a flash. so glad you got something out of my post! πŸ™‚

  68. My son and I go to Chapter’s and get a Starbucks treat. Mommy gets a caffiene fix while my son gets a cookie and chocolate milk. He loves sitting at the tables and chatting while we enjoy our snack. Afterwards, we go look at books and pick out one bedtime story for that night. It is really fun watching him look at books and seeing how his interests are expanding. He is almost 4 years old.

    • i adore that — i seriously need to do this again soon — they just love going to a mommy coffee shop and hanging out. so well behaved!!

  69. 21. Throw (or kick or toss) the ball around. Mommies play sports too!
    22. Make dinner. Measure, stir, etc. (Good learning opportunity!)
    23. Take the train somewhere.
    24. Build a fort.
    25. Write a book together.

    • yes! we are always kicking the ball, playing soccer, football and frisbee. i was an athlete in school and hope our kids are more coordinated like me! πŸ™‚ we have a link party twice a month called “together in the kitchen” to encourage cooking with your kids – i wouldn’t have it any other way! i LOVE the idea of writing a book together!! thanks for stopping by!!

  70. Found this through Pinterest and was pleased to see that me and my 6yo do many of these things already. We also like to have movie/popcorn nights and I’m always on the lookout for cool community events like music and art festivals. Last night, we decided that during Christmas break, we are going to “camp out” in living room all night. Can’t wait!

    • ah yes, camping out!!! with Christmas holiday coming, we will have to add that back in; something we do during the summers! thanks for stopping by!

  71. We have 2 sons ages 7 and 3. So when I saw your list through pintrest, thought I’d check it out. Great ideas! We’ve done much of the same. My hubby @ I have recently started what our older son named “two by two’s”. Once a month we each take one boy out for an afternoon/evening of dinner & time with just mom/dad. What a blessing that has been, and we hope will be as they grow up. Tonight we are doing this months 2×2 to go Christmas shopping for each other! But as a stay-@-home mom, your ideas are a good reminder. Some days I wonder what I’m going to do since I’ve already spent much of the day with them! πŸ™‚

    • i LOVE the idea of 2×2 – this is certainly something we can do now with our 2.. ages 5 & 3. often times it’s my husband grabbing one of the kids to run a quick errands or staying home to make cookies with me. so, sounds like 2×2’s will be making an appearance at our house too. thanks for stopping by!

  72. Some things I love to do with my boys that really make them smile:
    Have a picnic in the back yard.
    Read books on the trampoline.
    Play a card game over breakfast before school.
    Set up a “store” in the house where they can “buy” things, really get into the role, I dress up … Its a great way to learn money
    Go out for ice cream (try it for dinner one night, they will remember it forever)
    Get on their level, just sit on the floor and they will come to you, its like an open invitation to play.

  73. I always take my nephew to the frozen yogurt shop he loves to pick all of his toppings and then he gets a couple of dollars to spend at the dollar store.

    • that’s a great idea! my kids love spending $2 at the dollar store — we’re typically there for an hour working through what 2 items they can buy! πŸ™‚

  74. These are wonderful ideas. I love spending time with my precious boy, just like you. We like doing Bible Study together. He loves searching the Bible to find the scripture references and I love to see him doing it. Such good bonding and learning time, too. Thanks for the ideas to add to our list. God Bless You

    • i love this! thanks for sharing!! we are getting ready to buy the kids “big kid” bibles for Christmas… we love being in the word with our young kids!

  75. Love your suggestions! As a mom to an 8-year old son, and 10-year old daughter I wholeheartedly agree w/ spending time w/ each one, one on one. My husband works for 7-Eleven and appreciate the shout out for Slurpee. They have lots of healthy options in stores these days. Fresh fruit, granola bars….not just candy and beer like when we were kids. πŸ™‚

    • we are always down for a slurpee and yes, i know 7-11 has changed a lot over the years… my husband LOVES 7-11 and frequents a local one all the time!! thanks for stopping by!

  76. Linda Merillat Komondy says

    What a great list of ideas! And, I bet someone’s daughter would love all those things too!

    • i agree — we also have a 3yo and she LOVES these same things. adventure, big splashes & fun!! thanks for stopping by!

  77. I helped my 6 and 8 year old boys make a “spy kit”. Each had a pencil box. It was interesting to see what each one choose to put in. Hotel room keys, flashlights, sunglasses, a gourd…

    • ooh.. i love that idea Penny. i will definitely need to ask Jack to put one together — it will probably be a pirate/bug catching kit — but we’ll pretend it’s a spy kit! thanks for stopping by & sharing!

  78. Read a chapter book together for 1/2 hour before bedtime at night, like Chronicles of Narnia.

    • I have been reading to my kids for years at bed time. My son is just now 13 and he still enjoys me reading to him. It has helped our relationship to grow stronger and stronger with each new book. At first I would only read books to him that I found interesting but I thought he would like. Then later I decided to let him choose the books. The first books he chose I would wrinkle my nose at them ans try to steer him toward something else. Too much boy stuff for me, but then I thought more about it later and decided to stop butting in on his choices. Now the more I read what he wants me to read the more fun we have talking about the books throughout the days! We were reading through a series called Animorphs for a couple years, which I got into just as much as he did! And this month we started reading STAR WARS books! We are reading Episode 1: Phantom Menace. I NEVER wanted to read a Star Wars book, EVER. But I find myself actually enjoying it! I have never been able to sit through a whole STAR WARS movie. Simply because I wouldn’t let myself give it a chance. But now that I am reading the book to him I can’t wait to watch the movie with him! I think we’ll plan a special movie night for just the 2 of us to watch it together. πŸ™‚

    • That particular book has a lot of allegory elements and I wanted them to be able to see where it fit into their developing faith when we read it. I’m thinking it was 4th-5th grade with my first. My daughter likes to read alone more, though we read quite a few to the older two in the character or mystery genre. They are scoring HIGH on testing, I believe as a result. My youngest, we had a hard time fitting in reading late with due to ballgames and such for the others in the winter. We are trying to catch up some. I started The Hobbit with him at 10, we didn’t finish. We picked it back up at 11, and he loved it so much he made it almost through the last 4/5 of it at school in about a day and a half. I’m not sure if he heard anything at school that day, but I’m glad he liked it! : )

    • maggie, when did you start that? jack just turned 5 and i am sure he’s ready for that — but having a 3 year old that still doesn’t care to sit for long periods of time, i have not made reading chapter books intentional. thanks for stopping by & sharing.

      • I am reading the Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe to my 3 1/2 and 5 1/2 boys right now. We do one to two chapters each night. At the end of each chapter I explain a bit, if needed. Some chapters are a bit wordy for them, but they enjoy it and look forward to it!
        I am thinking Charlotte’s Web for the next book πŸ™‚

      • I started reading chapter books to my son when he was 3. We started with James and the Giant Peach then followed it with the movie when we finished. It was fantastic to sit with him and have him tell me all the differences he remembered from book to movie. He’ll be 5 in two weeks and we’ve since read many chapter books but his favorites were Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (read the whole book in one sitting, he didn’t want to stop) and The Mouse and the Motorcycle series by Beverly Cleary. He was disappointed there were only 3 books in the series, he wanted to read about Ralph S. Mouse indefinitely.

        • Angela,
          That is incredible… my son loves to read and we’re now just introducing him to chapter books and longer stories… why didn’t I start sooner?! My son’s middle name is James. I think that’s a good book to grab! Thank you for stopping by & sharing!!

          • Ok so i’m not a mom but an english major (i stumbled upon this page) but my favorite area of literature is young childrens literature! so i wanted to comment and say that Kate DiCamillo (Becasue of Winn-Dixie, and The Tales of Desperaux) is a really great engaging author for young kids and also adults. Also more geared towards girls is the Junie B. Jones series which is super funny and entertaining, and the book Ella Enchanted By Gail Carson Levine. Its wonderful! there are lots of fun noises in the book making it more engaging and interactive for young kids and it teaches a lot about valuing yourself and its very empowering (and the book is way better and different than the movie, i read this book at least once a year). Also its great to get kids involved with the classics at a young age. Books like (as previously mentioned) the Chronicles of Narnia, and The Hobbit, Peter Pan, Treasure Island, Winnie the Pooh, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, etc are great because they are engaging but also help naturally broaden their vocabulary! And even though Dr Seuss didn’t write chapter books, his books are also lots of fun and educational. A goodreads account is really convenient to help find different books for different levels and also good for updating you about new books! Anyways I hope you have a wonderful time reading and that you and you kids love these stories as much as i do!

          • Audrey, You are a DOLL to stop by and share these. I love many of them… and have forgotten to pick them up for our young children. We love the Tee Top series — it’s engaging and encouraging for Jack to play make-believe! I’m so glad you stopped by!!

      • My husband started reading the Hobbit to out son as soon as he was born. He’s 3 now and still loves being read chapter books. 30 minutes may be a little long at that age. I think we usually go for around 15. He may be able to sit longer, but dad can’t. lol

  79. My son, Jack as well, is almost 2. One of his favorite date nights with me is to go pick out a new movie, or even an older one at the store. We will take it home and have a ‘carpet picnic’ with juice boxes, crackers, meats and cheeses… We have a date night like that every month…. Sometime we will rent the movie from Redbox, find one on Netflix or just flat out buy it if it is on sale. He looks forward to it all week knowing Mommy Movie Date Night as we call it is coming…

    • stephanie, that is so sweet! {love that boy’s name too!!}. we have pizza/movie/popcorn night every friday! we get a $5 take out pizza, rent a $1 flick or watch one we own and make whirly popcorn midway through. the kids regularly ask, “is it friday yet?” i love it — keep it up & thanks for stopping by!

  80. This was such a great list! Thank you for sharing :). My son is still young but in the next year we could start to do some of these things.

    • there is so much to look forward to with boys! they are so full of eager adventure!! i just stopped by your blog and love your faith statement + testimony; it sounds similar to mine! than you so much for stopping by – come back soon!!

  81. Kristen Comfort says

    Hello…lots of great ideas. My son’s name is Jackson and is 8 and SO many of the ideas you have listed are his favorites. The descriptons of the kids are uncanny as well. Pisces child?

    • i love how alike boys are when they are young like this — they just look for adventure, thrive on making splashes, bowling, riding bikes; he is our firstborn and such a true joy. his birthday is actually in early August!!

  82. this is super awesome! thanks so much for sharing! some were new ideas for us and some are daily occurrences but all of them are favorites πŸ™‚ once again Thank You!!

  83. Oh I love having a boy and these are such great ideas!!! Thank you!

  84. LOVE this. I need to take the time out to do some stuff with JUST Brayden! πŸ™‚ Thanks, friend.

    • we love spending time with each kid separately — less fighting between them AND we create a stronger bond with the one we’re with!! go for it! you’ll find that time to be so special.

  85. I loved this post…it brought back so many memories of spending time with my son (now 17!). Wonderful picture of you two at the end. He’s only 5 yrs. old in that picture? Hate to tell you but I see a tween. He looks so old!

    Enjoy him πŸ™‚

    • it’s true! we took that today!! he just turned 5 in August… but easily a head taller than all of his peers! i LOVE spending time with him– perhaps the easiest kid I’ve ever been around!

  86. oh this made my heart smile! Eli and I head to the horse stables everyday we can for a quick ride before dinner πŸ™‚ I can’t wait until he can ride solo and we can hit the trails together. We also go on leaf picking adventures to see how many different kinds we can collect. I love our dates πŸ™‚

    • thanks for stopping by friend! i love spending time with Jack, he is suprem-o! cannot WAIT to see what God will do with His life!!

      • Beautiful! I have an almost 5 year old. Unfortunately, no beach near us but we enjoy all of the others plus the excitement of outdoor snow activities. It is sooo important to raise more Godly men for our future. He will bless you and your son for sure!
        ps love your name πŸ˜‰

        • yes to Godly men — these boys are the future and i am thankful that we encourage him to seek daily. he is such a joy! thank you for stopping by – i hope you’ll come back; your name is swoon-worthy!! πŸ™‚

          • Beautiful family and wonderful Mommy! Taking your ideas and running with them, made me happy to know moms still take great care of there boys!


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