be reckless

  love hard. with passion and fire. so much that your heart beats wildly out of your chest as though it may explode. your breath quickens, your mind sharpens, your drive determined. forget the reason and logic. avoid opinions… we all have one.   pursue. drive madly towards your purpose. so much that you would lose every piece of yourself for it. look crazy + smile wild. the kind of…

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hi there.

Raising my sweet kids on the Carolin coastline while spending school days strategizing with entreprenuers & designing websites. We build forts, play soccer, eat delicious foods, customize our home, enjoy our Labradors and dream of relaxing summer days sipping lemonade at the beach...

end with lies.

  i am hurt. my flesh is weak. my soul is yearning for truth. wisdom. emptiness seeking fulfillment. brokenness to be repaired. there’s a desperate choke feeling… it’s deeper than the automatic constriction of the throat. far more deep… it gnaws it’s teeth into the soul. it breaks down the tissue of your being. the…

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20 mom and son DIY ideas

a few days ago i posted a bit about my daughter and her pure joy crafting — well, my son is the same way! i think it’s perhaps they both have been raised around glue, glitter, paper projects, markers, paints & an unlimited supply of creativity (& a wall closet filled with every possible crafting…

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20 mom and daughter DIY ideas

i have a phenomenal 4 year old daughter. she is brilliant. she is creative. she is intelligent. she loves designing & crafting & creating & making & baking. i love doing simple DIY’s with her — it provides quality focused time together doing what we love!! most of these ideas have been gathered over this…

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adjusting my sails…

if we are living in His will, we are where we should be. … so we are planted wholly & deeply in His will and not of our own. i want this. to live solely in His will. because my will is not a good idea. at all. it’s been 3 months of living in…

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NY: country style

fresh picked tomatoes for dinner. thunderstorms full of lightening & tremendous buckets of rain dropping instantly. collecting blackberries for homemade tarts. biting deep into sun ripened cucumbers. wide open roads. line-dried vintage sheets. golden hair shimmering in the sun while determining what shape the clouds hold. playful fun & memories created on the green grass…

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her legs have grown so long. she glows. her words dance at the tip of her tongue. full of stories & questions & commentary. his smile radiates with a small dimple carved out of his left cheek. kissable with each eye catch. he giggles & loves. plays frisbee & kicks a ball with such poignant…

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