I got married.

It’s true. I got married. For those of you that have followed along, you know my history… which means you also know how incredible this man is if I allowed him into my life and into my children’s lives. We met in Spring 2018 by way of a mutual friend. Ben was adamant that I meet Lenny, even though I was adamant that I didn’t date Marines. I agreed to…

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meet Aimee.

I sometimes write about my life... or share a new gluten free recipe... or offer life hacks based on my personal experiences. I'm a Christian, married to Lenny, the Gluten Free Dad and raising our 3 kids together on the east coast while enjoying the sun, ocean breezes + cupcakes.

in between sizes

where do i even begin with my junk for today… completely killed one of my fingerprints with a battle between a large boulder & a wheel-barrel hyper-extended my hip years ago and dealing with a chiropractor’s order & no exercise until further notice my favorite car sits dead in my driveway i’ve been pulling late…

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there are days…

until i turned 30 i never hated a day of the year. no dates were avoided, overlooked or dismissed. i enjoyed them all. in addition, my empathy was on permanent hiatus. i lived in a perfect little bubble that allowed everyone, including myself to believe that my life was ideal. a healthy marriage of more…

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it’s been 18 years.

i have a new client. a real estate firm based in London. i was browsing some of their listings <<daydreaming>> while working on their website today… dreaming of the lovely bright green lush landscape. the crowds of well dressed professionals with their adorable accents & mad love of soccer! London. in 9th grade i went…

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favorite things – february

last month i committed to taking more photos. with the extremely cold (-10 degrees) weather we’ve experienced here in Western NY it’s been nearly impossible to get outside… so, i will share some of my favorite things inside my home. vintage watercolor box | cowboy boot magnet

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this week’s DIY project…. take out the blank canvases. open my new watercolors. step away from the laptop while the children are in school. create. be inspired to post these reminders. daily precious reminders of where i’m headed.   via

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santa’s dead.

i felt slightly bad for the man at Lowe’s that asked Abigail (4 yr old), “what is Santa going to bring you this year?” her reply: “Santa’s dead.” his mouth dropped open, his knees weakened and he was speechless while tilting his head back and forth between her & i. i think he wished for…

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