NY: country style

fresh picked tomatoes for dinner. thunderstorms full of lightening & tremendous buckets of rain dropping instantly. collecting blackberries for homemade tarts. biting deep into sun ripened cucumbers. wide open roads. line-dried vintage sheets. golden hair shimmering in the sun while determining what shape the clouds hold. playful fun & memories created on the green grass surrounded by family love & protection.

peacefulness. thanksgiving. full of hope. full of dreams.  fresh new books beginning with crisp unwritten pages. & today is the day that happiness abounds, tears of hurt are erased with tears of joy.

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2013-08-09 17.27.15  2013-08-09 17.35.22 2013-08-09 17.36.05 2013-08-09 17.36.37 2013-08-09 17.36.54 2013-08-09 17.38.56 2013-08-09 17.40.24 2013-08-09 17.40.56  2013-08-09 17.44.372013-08-09 17.31.06 2013-08-09 19.30.08 2013-08-09 19.30.48 All images taken with a Nikon D3000, 70-300 Lens. Do not use.

hi there.

Raising my sweet kids on the Carolina coastline while spending school days strategizing with entrepreneurs & designing websites. We build forts, play soccer, eat delicious foods, customize our home, enjoy our Labradors and dream of relaxing summer days sipping lemonade at the beach...

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  1. Gorgeous photos! 🙂