in between sizes

where do i even begin with my junk for today…

  1. completely killed one of my fingerprints with a battle between a large boulder & a wheel-barrel
  2. hyper-extended my hip years ago and dealing with a chiropractor’s order & no exercise until further notice
  3. my favorite car sits dead in my driveway
  4. i’ve been pulling late night work sessions because i barely have a moment to check email during the day
  5. Abigail gets vaccinations tomorrow to prep for Kindergarten
  6. my littlest bro is moving to Colorado
  7. my sister is visiting home after a 3-year hiatus
  8. and of course, to top it off >> I’m back to court tomorrow for round #6.

this is called a pile of spaghetti.


so, in an effort to compartmentalize {like a man} for a few moments, i am focusing this post…

i am in between sizes & have been forever!

to keep it real. i am 5’10”. 70 whole inches tall bare footed. i wear a medium in tops & dresses and a 10-12 long in bottoms. yes, you read that right… a 10-12. meaning i am not a 10. and i am not a 12.


photo credit: my son, jack. on a day he thought i was beautiful.

why can’t someone make an 11 (AND NO, NOT REFERENCING JUNIOR SIZES) that would fit right between the 10 and the 12? & is it too much to ask if i want it in LONG… and no, not 32″ long, but rather 34″ long? a true 11 long?

10’s are often PERFECT until i sit.

<<enter muffin top>>

i don’t like muffin tops. at all. not ever. nope.

so, sometimes i wear 10’s and barely sit… or i suffer with a larger waist size than necessary to avoid the muffin top and i’m stuck with baggy.


but here’s the kicker about my pile of spaghetti and my in between size issues:


my kids think i’m beautiful. they love me. adore me. trust my words. know i will protect them until this world crumbles by the hand of God. i am their all. their everything. i am pretty when i am tired from long days, pretty when i roll over at 2am to find a small one needs me, pretty in my robe while i hustle around the house to get kids off to school, pretty when i am caught in a thundershower unloading groceries…

so… in my hope to compartmentalize, i accept that i cannot. i am not a man. i find myself wandering to my true purpose as i sit here on my cozy couch with our pup, Henry while the kids dream peacefully and i switch back over to work-mode: i am the lucky one.

my purpose is my amazing kids. these ones:




hi there.

I'm a Christian, married to Lenny, the Gluten Free Dad and raising our 3 kids together on the east coast while enjoying the sun, ocean breezes + cupcakes.

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  2. Oh I so hope today was a good day and your days in court are soon ending. Keeping you in my prayers. I am cracking up about the between sizes issue. Been there, between that. Stinks. Now how about trying to find a decent dress that does hit a tall girl right in the middle of her thigh! That’s another issue……

  3. Tonda Brocco says

    I’ll be thinking of you today!

  4. Sarah Malcangi says

    Thanks for keeping it real! Seriously I love it when strong women of God like you let your brokenness shine. Praying for you tomorrow!

    • a testimony of life & faith. i am ready to start sharing & i am so thankful for your kind words, prayers & encouragement! thank you for your friendship.