do not celebrate mediocrity.

when i grow up i want to be average.

part of the crowd.

eager to be the same.

i just want to be unnoticed. unmotivated. un-


seriously, is this really what we are celebrating now? celebrating each other for being mediocre? falsely building each other up instead of coming alongside and helping them grow in their weaknesses? i see it far too often where we encourage each other to just be good enough.

can i encourage you today?

be real. be honest. be forthright. be courageous. be different. be YOU.

do not share for the sake of sharing. do not just connect with those that seem to have the audience swayed. break away from the mold and do what you were designed to do. we all have purpose. destined by God to do His greatness.

Many plans are in a man’s mind, but it is the Lord’s purpose for him that will stand.
Proverbs 19:21

there is an unwritten blogger code (or if someone actually wrote this code, i sure would like to read it with a big red pen) that we all must put on a happy face and pretend that everything that everyone does is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. that we must support each other to be in a specific social circle or to be regarded. to be noticed. why can’t we do something truly magnificent to get noticed?  that somewhere the line has been crossed where we just share stuff to share stuff.

Rather, speaking the truth in love, we are to grow up in every way into him who is the head, into Christ,
from whom the whole body, joined and held together by every joint with which it is equipped,
when each part is working properly, makes the body grow so that it builds itself up in love.

Ephesians 4: 15 + 16

i love this verse… speaking the TRUTH in love. not speaking or encouraging because we don’t want to hurt their feelings. being truthful.

let me be very clear. i will not share for the sake of sharing. i will not add my name to a list for ulterior motives. when did we stop holding ourselves and our brand to the high regard that there is value in what we support? that those following along, those reading our messages, tweets & posts are watching us and making finite decisions about our morals, judgment and work ethic based.

i am simply a girl that owns a blog and sometimes i share. i follow my gut instinct, the encouragement from the Holy Spirit and friends that pour truth, conviction and honest conversations into my life.

<<<    >>>

i am also a designer. we’re WordPress experts building daily on the Genesis Framework: StudioPress Genesis Developer.

the past few weeks have been tough for us.

it is becoming far too common to receive work requests with website and blog owners saying: “my designer told me to never update my site.” or “my designer threw my site up and now isn’t available for edits.” & so many more statements that make me feel physically ill over the rather low level of quality we are offering to our clients. mediocrity should not be tolerated.

regardless of what service industry or product industry you are offering… setting our clients up for failure should not be an option.

exasperated by the amount of errors we’ve had to overcome recently  i tweeted the following:



as we do with our online relationships and connections – we should also hold our businesses to a high moral regard. that what we sell, what we offer should be the absolutely best for the client. it may take hours of overtime and late nights of labor, it might reduce your income, it might exhaust your resources… but ultimately what those clients say about you & me is how others will perceive us.

 if you feel the slightest conviction over this… i want to encourage you.

temporarily close up shop. hire a mentor. take some classes. ask questions. challenge yourself to grow & change & add value. for website designers — get someone to review your sites and check your coding.

do not allow other businesses carry the weighted obligation of explaining that you likely do not know what you’re doing. trust me, this is not a fun conversation. it brings down the industry’s value. it severely reduces our worth and causes them to question all of us.

but, if you want a design team that knows how to build a well-designed, supremely hand-coded website that fully function. if you need someone to fix your broken site.  if you need some blunt & critical consulting. if you seek truth. i encourage you to reach out. find an expert. lean into a second opinion before you say yes!




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I'm a Christian, married to Lenny, the Gluten Free Dad and raising our 3 kids together on the east coast while enjoying the sun, ocean breezes + cupcakes.

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  1. You are rockin’ it girlfriend! You do not even want to get me started ( I promise the day i quit blogging I will have my GIANT rant). I applaud you and your convictions!

    • i await the day that you quit & belt it out; so many others will echo your voice. may we choose to rise above; choose to be different… ourselves. that we embrace growth & change as we break out of mediocre and set the example for those watching. thank you for stopping by! 🙂

  2. You have said what is on my mind all the time. I find myself being so turned off by blogs that put out one perfect post after another. I love to see beauty and perfection, but I cannot relate to a false sense of being. I have hear the story myself from other bloggers re mediocre design, then no customer service. I am sharing this on my FB page. Two important points here I couldn’t agree with more. I am all about being REAL.

    • oh karen, thank you for reading & sharing your thoughts. i just adore you & totally value your opinion! i would expect you to speak up if i ever needed to be put in my place or quieted! 🙂

      & specifically in my field, mediocre design should not exist. these people should high-tail it out & move on to something less creative and less customer-service based! in my opinion!

  3. Love your honesty and the way you share the importance of relationship with customers. That is what makes you unique in your life and business. There is heart behind what you do! And you share that openly. Thank you for that.

    • sarah, your words mean so much to me. what started as a very bitter testament to some recent experiences turned into this — hoping to share pieces of my heart and life so that others may learn from my err.

  4. Great post Aimee! I just love your honesty…I tried writing a post like this one time and it caused a few of my “blog friends” (who, um, obviously weren’t friends, right?) to start talking behind my back and neglect me but it’s true – we need to offer our clients our best, we don’t need to offer and then leave, we’re not the in the business of one-night-stands!!! LOL Anyway, awesome post again!

    • yes, i can see that!! a post like this is going to separate people because of opinions… from those that just do enough to get by and those that strive to excel. it’s unfortunate, but true. i love that you stopped by! 🙂

  5. Preach it, sister! Love your integrity, Aimee — and you. xo heidi

  6. Read it, loved it, pinned it and tweeted it!

  7. Love this post, love your heart. Love your boldness for Him.

  8. This is wonderful. I love your heart Aimee. I really look up to you!