I got married.

It’s true. I got married. For those of you that have followed along, you know my history… which means you also know how incredible this man is if I allowed him into my life and into my children’s lives. We met in Spring 2018 by way of a mutual friend. Ben was adamant that I…

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be reckless

  love hard. with passion and fire. so much that your heart beats wildly out of your chest as though it may explode. your breath quickens, your mind sharpens, your drive determined. forget the reason and logic. avoid opinions… we all have one.   pursue. drive madly towards your purpose. so much that you would…

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for my dad.

i am one lucky girl to have such a great dad. seriously thankful. it’s almost my happy 30th father’s day to him — and i love how much our relationship has changed from me being a small child dependent on him for everything >>> to a father – daughter friendship rooted in faith, truth, light…

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5 simple things.

// these simple little things make me happy. bring joy. they inspire. they are lovely to look at.. and i imagine, quiet lovely to have. so for now i will dream up some ideas on how to add these 5 simple things into my life. linking to Back to the Basics blog, march edition. seriously?…

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7 gifts for men

there are no cuff links, golf gear or ties on our list. just a quick guide to give you some ideas as you begin searching for Christmas gifts for the men in your life. this list has been approved by my dad & 2 adult brothers that enjoy receiving gifts they will ACTUALLY use! BUY…

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5 little things

i LOVE nautical. i’m sure you’ve noticed {yes, i am saying this with a little smirk because, well, look around…}. i adore all things red, white, blue, green. nautical-inspired. complete with anchors & stripes & structure. i saw these darling bow bracelets today and took my chance at winning one in the giveaway! today i…

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Small Anchors… the beginning.

via welcome to my little space. where i will share big ideas. bigger dreams. photos. recipes. diy & building projects. thank you for joining me!