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hello & welcome back. it's been a few months since i last posted and there have been many new subscribers to my sweet blog... and i hope a little email delivery doesn't completely freak you those of you subscribed out                       (if you're not subsribed, you should be  >> go here << )! it's true... occasionally i write! … [Read more...]

Word of the Year 2015

it is 2015 and i am taking on for the first time, a word of the year. i could only think of 1 word. which.. if you know me well, know this is typically VERY difficult for me! :) >>>   i am busy. i love staying busy and being productive. i love crossing off items on my long & heavy to-do list.     >> feelings of … [Read more...]

for my dad.

i am one lucky girl to have such a great dad. seriously thankful. it's almost my happy 30th father's day to him -- and i love how much our relationship has changed from me being a small child dependent on him for everything >>> to a father - daughter friendship rooted in faith, truth, light and spurring each other with ideas, goals and … [Read more...]

5 simple things.

// these simple little things make me happy. bring joy. they inspire. they are lovely to look at.. and i imagine, quiet lovely to have. so for now i will dream up some ideas on how to add these 5 simple things into my life. linking to Back to the Basics blog, march edition. seriously? yes. this dress. i need this dress. i am desperate for this … [Read more...]

7 gifts for men

there are no cuff links, golf gear or ties on our list. just a quick guide to give you some ideas as you begin searching for Christmas gifts for the men in your life. this list has been approved by my dad & 2 adult brothers that enjoy receiving gifts they will ACTUALLY use! BUY HERE // the ultimate man tool. it grinds, smooths, cuts, makes … [Read more...]

5 little things

i LOVE nautical. i'm sure you've noticed {yes, i am saying this with a little smirk because, well, look around...}. i adore all things red, white, blue, green. nautical-inspired. complete with anchors & stripes & structure. i saw these darling bow bracelets today and took my chance at winning one in the giveaway! today i am sharing 5 … [Read more...]

Small Anchors… the beginning.

via welcome to my little space. where i will share big ideas. bigger dreams. photos. recipes. diy & building projects. thank you for joining me! … [Read more...]