favorite things – february

last month i committed to taking more photos. with the extremely cold (-10 degrees) weather we’ve experienced here in Western NY it’s been nearly impossible to get outside… so, i will share some of my favorite things inside my home.

vintage watercolor box | cowboy boot magnet

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this week’s DIY project…. take out the blank canvases. open my new watercolors. step away from the laptop while the children are in school. create. be inspired to post these reminders. daily precious reminders of where i’m headed.



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20 mom and son DIY ideas

a few days ago i posted a bit about my daughter and her pure joy crafting — well, my son is the same way! i think it’s perhaps they both have been raised around glue, glitter, paper projects, markers, paints & an unlimited supply of creativity (& a wall closet filled with every possible crafting material or tool they could dream up!).

with winter fast-approaching here in Western NY, i thought it might be a good time to start prepping our craft closet with some fresh supplies to sustain unexpected “snow days” and long winter holidays!

most of these ideas have been gathered over this past year on my KIDS Pinterest board… each of the projects is linked directly to the source, or if no source, an image is provided for you to use as a guide!


** these are my 2 little crafty kids — are they the sweetest little red fox & fawn?!

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20 mom and daughter DIY ideas

i have a phenomenal 4 year old daughter. she is brilliant. she is creative. she is intelligent. she loves designing & crafting & creating & making & baking. i love doing simple DIY’s with her — it provides quality focused time together doing what we love!!

most of these ideas have been gathered over this past year on my KIDS Pinterest board… each of the projects is linked directly to the source, or if no source, an image is provided for you to use as a guide!

20 mom and daughter date ideas

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workspace necessities for WAHM’s

7 years ago i vividly remember a chat i had with my then Regional VP to convince him that i would be more successful without a commute, more focused without typical office distraction and that since i didn’t have a local team, i ensured self-motivation.  he was hands off… leaving me with a reminder that, “when you become less successful at home, you’ll be back in the office.” i was out to prove my value; and i won! i have a driving force, a diligent mentality that when i commit to a project, a design, a client — i will follow through regardless of circumstances.

i love working at home. i savor our afternoon naptime – i can sit in cozy clothes and work merrily in the sun and uber-quiet house. i love that i can work on my schedule… and not normal business hours. i can turn my phone off for the entire day and head to the zoo. as long as i get my work done, within the parameters of client agreements… i can relax a little bit!



i design, therefore i need pretty things full of color, perspective, joy. large photographs that inspire. color swatches. magazine tear-outs. lovely words to encourage. above my desk hangs an over-sized cork-board full of stuff. which i’m not going to show you — because then you would know my secrets!! no matter what you do — find pretty things & quotes & photographs & lovely tokens of love to inspire you.


1. Lisa Nelson is an INCREDIBLE designer. find her print here. /// 2. Happy Monkey photography that takes you on her travels. Photo here.  /// 3. Boden flyers. These graphics make me want to be better at design.  /// 4. Color swatches.  /// 5. Inspirational quotes. Linked here.



i keep hydrated all day long with a big cup of ice water complete with a lid & straw. and after attending the Entrepreneur GrowthCon last month i was introduced to these amazing bars of goodness. keep a few on hand because there’s no vending machines at home — so why not eat a candy bar much healthier! :)





1. wireless mouse = less cords to move as you move your laptop from the couch to the chair to the table and back to the desk.  /// 2. wireless printer – print from anywhere. and no, i’ve not splurged on this yet… but someday when our amazing laserjet printer dies, this will be in my shopping cart.  /// 3. headphones with a mic — to cancel out the noise around and for handsfree phone calls. these are amazing /// 4. quirky cord holder — yep, for everything else that is not wireless, get this. only $10 at Target and wicked amazing.



i collect ideas for new brands/logos. notebooks full of designs. inspirational online spaces.  i think i need to start a new pin board. one to inspire my workspace. with a stark cold ikea desk that collects daily dust + kids fingerprints i am happier sitting at our kitchen table in our metal tub chairs than at my actual workspace. here’s a few that inspire me…

Martha Stewart always has lovely ideas, doesn’t she?  i love this long, organized, lovely workspace.

cute workspace #desk #office

white & more white & plenty of inspiration board space. i am in love. okay, ikea desk is getting painted. found here.

stylish desk

yes & yes. i can totally see having my dad build this desk out of reclaimed barn boards. inspiration right on the desk top.


& for that day i have an entire room to myself. i will leave crumpets on the table… or just a bowl full of Justin’s Almond Bars! thanks HGTV for the inspiration.




5 simple handmade cards

i LOVE valentine’s. did you hear me? I LOVE VALENTINE’S.

i am soaking in every last minute of card making with Abigail. age 3.5-going-on-tween.

we have this tray that sits near my desk — full of art supplies – washi tape, stamps, ink, markers, blank folded cards, twine, glue. all ready for Abigail’s spur of the moment creative ideas… and mine! i love sitting & creating and i want my kids to have access to their wildest dreams!

you too can make some sweet cards.. ready?


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The Ultimate DIY Valentine’s Guide: Part 2


heart-shaped dishes, cupcake pops, sweethearts, handmade cards + Valentine’s parties! we love Valentine’s day around here and i want to share some of my FAVORITE and most inspiring ideas with you!

{yes, there’s a PART 1 GUIDE. a link to the rest of the guide is at the bottom of this post!}

TO GIVE Aquatic Valentine's Day Card








Patterned Hearts Garland






Sweet & LOVE ly DIY Projects from Abby


Sweet & LOVE ly DIY Projects from Abby








a DIY stamp

i love anchors. like —>> totally. completely. in love with anchors.



step 1 >> print out an outlined shape… in my case, an anchor! staple around the edges to a piece of thin foam board. i purchased a large piece of thin foam board at JoAnn’s in the kid craft section for less than $1. i can make about 10-15 stamps from one piece!


step 2 >> cut the shape out and glue to a piece of wood or a wooden block


step 3 >> stamp away.

i LOVE how it turned out. i have a few more stampin’ projects coming up!


now to finish a batch of bow cuffs tonight + hang a few more earrings and add an adorable tag or stamped box to our packages.

what kind of stamp are you going to make?


oh yes… i wanted to show you my sweet polka dots & stripes today — what do you think?

scarf >> target  – polka dot trench >> garnet hill – bracelet >> DIY at Flamingo Toes