& now the 6 year old!

it is simply unavoidable.the fact is, the children will talk about wanting a new brother or sister or a new dad every single week. it's just how we roll around here.oh to be a fly on the wall at some of our dinner conversations...  mouths would drop to the floor, ears would be in shock, minds would be reeling.yes, it's that … [Read more...]

hi single mom…

 hi single mom. i'm one too.nice to meet you.i'm going on 3.5 years of checking the locks and turning out lights and sleeping alone at night. of raising kids every day. of attempting a "man" voice so that maybe they will listen the first time. of trying to be enough when it's impossible to share myself between 2 amazing kids based … [Read more...]

8 & wise

God and i had a daily chat for 9 months... all the days... and the moments within the days... and the seconds within those moments.i reached out and begged God for a son.a healthy son that would love and know grace and mercy. that would have a heart filled with Jesus. that his words would speak truth. that his mind would be filled with … [Read more...]


today i am finding my fight song... with a single match, it will light an explosion. i will share only because i am called to.this is not easy. i can feel my heart racing as i know the unraveling of truth that has been hidden away from my own thoughts for years & years is about to be released. it's a pouring out of the darkness that causes … [Read more...]

one of those days

last August i shared a secret part of my struggle when i wrote a post called "there are days". it has been read over 250,000 times, pinned on Pinterest more than 360,000 times and each week i receive a comment or a sweet, gentle note confirming that i wrote my post to give words to their hurt & struggle... ... it is a process. a long, … [Read more...]

homeade limeade

hello & welcome back. it's been a few months since i last posted and there have been many new subscribers to my sweet blog... and i hope a little email delivery doesn't completely freak you those of you subscribed out                       (if you're not subsribed, you should be  >> go here << )! it's true... occasionally i write! … [Read more...]

apple of my eye.

just over a year ago i broke down. i gave up on my PC... my worthless, broken, crushing, heartbreaking, terrible PC. she was never good to me. as an online web-based designer, a bad computer makes it impossible to be successful.i opened the MacBook Pro that had been sitting in it's sleek white box under my bed for at least 6 months collecting … [Read more...]

Word of the Year 2015

it is 2015 and i am taking on for the first time, a word of the year. i could only think of 1 word. which.. if you know me well, know this is typically VERY difficult for me! :) >>>  i am busy.i love staying busy and being productive.i love crossing off items on my long & heavy to-do list.     >> feelings of … [Read more...]