apple of my eye.

just over a year ago i broke down. i gave up on my PC… my worthless, broken, crushing, heartbreaking, terrible PC. she was never good to me. as an online web-based designer, a bad computer makes it impossible to be successful.

i opened the MacBook Pro that had been sitting in it’s sleek white box under my bed for at least 6 months collecting dust. battery charged, i powered up this computer specimen that has literally been my lifeline for the past year.

i am thankful.

as a year-end gift to myself [aka: tax write-off, job necessity, i could not live without 1 more day], i purchased this beauty…

macretinaa 27″ retina 5k display apple amazingness. i haven’t opened the box yet. the big brown packing box sits in my hallway collecting bumps & wear as the family & puppies pass by. she sits there, begging for attention.

she needs a home. a pretty home. a beautiful desk that sits on a lovely carpet to keep my toes cozy in the winter. wall art that inspires me.

the flu hit our home the past few weeks making me quite useless to anything beyond doling out meds to the kids, letting the pups out the backdoor and pouring juice. so, she sat and so did my new office space in our quaint little cottage.

this weekend, as i began to get some traction, i decided it was time i gather some ideas and motivate what little energy i have right now into building my office space so i can unpack this beauty.


here’s my inspiration…


home built desk in my daddy’s woodshop. i will use my new coral cece caldwell chalk paint furnished by my lovely client, Redoux


custom DIY stenciled floors. aren’t they lovely? i am truly beyond inspired… i’m ready to rip out some barnwood and lay it over my hardwood floors just so i can have this lovely finish. my dad & brother (contractor’s) would likely disagree with my ideas.. oh well!


a roll of brown paper hung high on the wall so i can mark down my ideas, our work projects, my lists…


sweet wall art from inspiring designers… Minted Art: Remember |  Minted Art: Beach Blaze  | Minted Art: Let’s Get Lost | DIY handwritten

[i seriously did not know that Minted is more than just cards… i know, the shock is real!]


anthro rug, of course. DIY vintage door bookcase [i will be scavenging my dad’s barn this week!]


i have serious & strict work hours… this barn door would be the perfect shut down to my work day as the kids prepare to arrive home from school. keeps it classy while i’m away…

what do you think? what am i missing?

hi there.

I'm a Christian, married to Lenny, the Gluten Free Dad and raising our 3 kids together on the east coast while enjoying the sun, ocean breezes + cupcakes.

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  1. That door/shelf is amazing. I think we have two old doors just laying around, too! Minted is one of my favorite places for art! 🙂

    • i am loving Minted… how did i not know they had art? i might just have to work on some designs to submit — how fun would that be?! thanks for sharing friend! 🙂

  2. I love your ideas! That door/bookshelf is the bomb! and the barn door is amazing. And lady, get that computer up. Mine is up and I LOVE IT!!! but I’m a Mac person anyway! In fact we have networked the iphones, ipad, and computers! We can access all from all. Yeah! …. except Word on the ipad…
    The roll of brown paper!!!! what a clever idea!
    love you AimeeRooh in Winnie the Pooh and if I wasn’t sick also I’d come help you. Kisses to the kiddos, kmoore

    • networking… i might need to hire Sr. Mas to help me out! 🙂 i am scared to open the box.. but alas, with a small little fan buzzing noise in my macbook pro, i might just bust open the box this week on the dining room table.

      the brown paper is happening. i can’t wait to hang my roll!

      … and i am so sorry you’re sick. it was definitely the worse we’ve ever been through. get well soon so we can spend time together. miss you lots. smooches.

  3. love love l o v e the door bookcase idea! Stealing! Have aleays loved the sliding barn doors. Great inspirations!