hi. i’m aimee.

thank you for visiting my personal online space.
•  i design websites & brands.
•  & sometimes while in my “off” time, i still find myself drawn to the web… writing articles about my story or pinning.

i love…

•  dresses with pockets & cowboy boots
•  homemade popcorn in a whirly pop covered with stove-top butter, pink himalayan salt & fresh black pepper.
•  summer thunderstorms, heat lightening & snowdays!
•  riding my trek bike on long curvy country roads.
•  taking photos of moments on my nikon.
•  supporting local farmers & business owners.

i love Jesus. passionately. without Him i am nothing.
jack & abigail are my purpose.
i refuse mediocrity.
i bake too much. i laugh a lot. i’m thankful everyday.


you can also find me here:

Anchored Design: designing for entrepreneurs and bloggers
Teal Umbrella: design & business consulting for the new Rainmaker platform

thank you for joining my sweet adventure.