hi. i’m aimee.SmallAnchorsAimee

i am glad you stopped by.
i love Jesus. passionately. without Him i am nothing.
jack & abigail are my purpose.
i refuse mediocrity.

• we 3 are moving to the coastline of NC this summer. we will share our DIY interior design with a beachy, whimsical, coastal vintage feel.

• i am gluten free and mostly paleo while pushing my autoimmune hashimoto’s into remission. i am highly b12 deficient with intrinsic factor missing paired with extremely volatile thyroidglobulin levels that scare me. i am supposed to be stress-free given my condition… but slim chance of that happening anytime soon (start here to get the idea…). i am truly in awe of how my body has begun to fail due to the trauma of my circumstances.

(my kiddos are gluten free too. they not only support me but are choosing to eat just like me. i am one lucky momma.)

• going on 7 years of being a self-paid entrepreneur with fresh ideas surfacing constantly. i am a self-taught designer and was once a developer until i decided to leave that to the professionals. i spend my summer months designing mildly so i can breathe in long days with my two!

i love…

•  dresses with pockets & cowboy boots
•  summer thunderstorms, heat lightening & snowdays
•  riding my trek bike on long curvy country roads.
•  capturing moments from the lens of my Nikon d7000.
•  to laugh. a lot. to be thankful daily.


you can also find me here:

Anchored Design: designing for entrepreneurs and bloggers
Teal Umbrella: design & business consulting for the new Rainmaker platform

thank you for joining my sweet adventure.