5 ways to organize.


today i am sharing my 5 favorite organizing ideas. i am certain that i am not the only one weeding through the toys in the playroom, kids bookshelves, scrap booking supplies, totes in the garage... … [Read more...]

it’s hard to NOT BE INVITED.


this week we're taking a break from talking about Friendships that SUCK... and moving onto something kinda similar. not being invited. we are always new. we move often. we don't know where the … [Read more...]

maintain & cancel friendships, part 2


i encourage you. read Part 1 first. read the comments on that post too. then, hop back over here for the heart heavy i am about to share. <<<     >>> i've spent this past week … [Read more...]

GIVEAWAY CLOSED: Anchors, Anchors, Anchors


if you haven't noticed already, we have a thing about the sea, nautical-inspired, coastal, sea breezes, toes filled with sand and anchors. yes, lots of anchors. today we're hosting 3 lovely shops + … [Read more...]

friendships that suck, part 1


my story // i have been hurt. a lot. i have been burned. used. deceived. i  have been forgotten. i'm prepared to throw in the towel and hold up a sign. No Vacancy for Friendships. so basically: … [Read more...]