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5 ways to organize.

today i am sharing my 5 favorite organizing ideas. i am certain that i am not the only one weeding through the toys in the playroom, kids bookshelves, scrap booking supplies, totes in the garage… now, to organize what is left!! {featured crates in the image made by Reclaim the Grain. find them here!) my…

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it’s hard to NOT BE INVITED.

this week we’re taking a break from talking about Friendships that SUCK… and moving onto something kinda similar. not being invited. we are always new. we move often. we don’t know where the local shops or restaurants are. it takes us awhile to find the shortest traveling route. we meet all new people –>> at…

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maintain & cancel friendships, part 2

i encourage you. read Part 1 first. read the comments on that post too. then, hop back over here for the heart heavy i am about to share.   i’ve spent this past week making notes for myself. an outline of the heart pushes, the mind grazes. the heaviness sitting in my gut as i…

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GIVEAWAY CLOSED: Anchors, Anchors, Anchors

if you haven’t noticed already, we have a thing about the sea, nautical-inspired, coastal, sea breezes, toes filled with sand and anchors. yes, lots of anchors. today we’re hosting 3 lovely shops + some of my own anchor-inspired gifts just for you. 2 winners. lots of lovely items chosen. values: Winner #1 / $110 —…

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friendships that suck, part 1

my story // i have been hurt. a lot. i have been burned. used. deceived. i  have been forgotten. i’m prepared to throw in the towel and hold up a sign. No Vacancy for Friendships. so basically: friendships suck. did you know? –>>  i am sensitive. ultra-sensitive. therefore, coping mechanisms abound. i portray a thick-skinned…

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