7 layer bars


we make these all the time. way too much. then we devour them... 1 sweet little piece at a time. // my kids love to measure, dump, spread & take small tastes along the way. <<< … [Read more...]

30 has arrived.


it's the eve of my 30th birthday and i'm reflecting tonight. with eager anticipation, i have waited for this birthday since i was in middle school. // i suppose i always assumed that turning 30 … [Read more...]

7 gifts for men


there are no cuff links, golf gear or ties on our list. just a quick guide to give you some ideas as you begin searching for Christmas gifts for the men in your life. this list has been approved by my … [Read more...]

pumpkin dip date.


i love being in the kitchen with my kids. both of them have step stools & several aprons and have always asked to join us in the kitchen. spending time teaching them how to crack eggs, hold onto … [Read more...]

20 Mom and Son Date Ideas


>> UPDATE: after more than 212,000 repins on Pinterest and thousands of visitors each week, be sure to check the comments for some additional ideas!! <<<     >>> my firstborn … [Read more...]

Creme de Menthe Brownies


i love baking. cooking. trying out new recipes. i love my seriously-glazed pampered chef stones. i love the sweet little fingers of my 5 & 3 year old sweeties that are eager to pull up their … [Read more...]

5 little things


i LOVE nautical. i'm sure you've noticed {yes, i am saying this with a little smirk because, well, look around...}. i adore all things red, white, blue, green. nautical-inspired. complete with … [Read more...]