twine + clothespins + artwork = proud kids

these are creative kids. your kids are creative kids.
they have so many ideas: to paint, to create, to draw, to design.
craft time happens almost daily.
// the craft cabinet is full of styrofoam sheets, blank paper, markers, paints, crayons, googly eyes, scissors, glue & tape. LOTS of tape.

our fridge is not big enough to hold 1 day’s worth of art from 2 creative kids.

ENTER a SUPER cheap solution: twine, clothespins, a few nails


// three pieces of twine, tied in a simple knot, hooked onto small nails. proudly displaying art.

// extra clothespins sit out at kid-level. they can hang up, take down, move around.


of course, we couldn’t stop at just hanging the kids art – Abigail needed a little bit more help with singing the alphabet in it’s entirety! ;)

<<which took less than 2 days to accomplish since Jack sang the alphabet what seemed like THOUSANDS of times a day>>

so, we unpacked a box of alphabet cards & hung those up too…


// we adore these sweet little cards adding splashes of color to our winter white walls.




// the whole shebang {aka: corner of our playroom}


//ART CREDIT: to our sweet kids.



// i linked up at Flamingo Toes Think Pink Sunday!