20 mom and daughter DIY ideas

i have a phenomenal 4 year old daughter. she is brilliant. she is creative. she is intelligent. she loves designing & crafting & creating & making & baking. i love doing simple DIY’s with her — it provides quality focused time together doing what we love!!

most of these ideas have been gathered over this past year on my KIDS Pinterest board… each of the projects is linked directly to the source, or if no source, an image is provided for you to use as a guide!

20 mom and daughter date ideas


1 / make a simple leather ribbon headband – how to

2 / collect and press flowers/leaves – how to

3 / make a kite & fly it

4 / water color circles & triangles tutorial

5 / practice sewing with sweet sewing cards

sewing cards

6 / watch fairy tale, the movie

& then…

7 / make a fairy garden in a small flower pot

8 / clothespin dolls  out of pipe cleaners & fabric OR thread & hot glue

9 / make paper wings


10 / design a lovely cat mask

11 / felt crowns or feather crowns

12 / learn new jokes

30 Kid-Approved Jokes

13 / make bird wings out of scrap fabric

14 / paper bird house  (translate from Hungarian!)

15 / play a card game + a diy game card holder

16 / flowers made from coffee filters

17 / owl’s from TP rolls (how to VIDEO)

18 / mason jar bird house

19 / wee mouse tin house

Wee mouse tin house

20 / doorway puppet theater



i just love creating & encouraging creative play, painting, designing & making with my young children. i’ve seen an incredibly impact on their sweet lives already and will continue to challenge them with new & exciting projects. i hope you feel encouraged to start a craft closet for you & your kids!!

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